It's been a while, yup.  I've been workin' like mad to get the rest of the final two books finished so they can be sent off to the old editor.  I've decided I'm going to finish the entire series first and then try farming it out to publishers / agents around the country.  Don't know if that will result in a deal or not, but I have to do what feels right and this does.

I've never worked on something that kept goading me this long, so I know this is something I absolutely MUST continue with up until it is published, possibly even after!  Who knows?  This time two years from now, you may just be reading about the upcoming theatrical release of The Vision Blogger:  Film One of the Seraphim Calls Film Series.  Let's hope so!

Well, back to the old grindstone I go.  Hope you guys have a great week!  Thanks again to all the fans who keep shooting me emails.  You have no idea how much I appreciate the feedback.  Y'all help me keep on keepin' on!

KT Morrissey

Hi there!

Some of you may have noticed I've taken Book Two, Infinite G, off the market for the moment.  I'm doing a little bit of editing and re-writing on a couple of things in order to find those ever-elusive agents and publishers who just have to have everything absolutely ready to market to the general public before they'll even take a look at it.

Well, I believe I've just about gotten everything taken care of.  Just wanted to let you know that Infinite G will be back out on not too long from now, along with Books Three and Four!  Book Five should not take long to follow, if I'm lucky!

I'm hoping everything will follow along and take off here, pretty soon.

Wish me good luck!


KT Morrissey

You know, writing a book (or book series, in my case) seems like a pretty big deal to most people.  However, there are plenty of us wannabe authors out here who know the opposite to be the truth.  Anyone can write a book.  Writing the book is not the problem.  Getting your work published - now that's where the major work comes into play.

How do you garner enough attention from the whole world to make a publisher (or even an agent) decide to even take a look at your work?  Yours may be the greatest literary work in the world, but if no one has ever heard of you and you don't already have a publisher, you're basically thrown in the trash heap with the rest of the queries sent by the tens of thousands of other unknown writers out there who are doing the same thing as you.

So, what do you do?

Yesterday, I watched as an escape artist who's written a new book decided to have himself locked into a coffin and then dropped from an airplane in said coffin at 14,500 feet up in the air.  He escaped in the required time and safely floated back down to the ground with no difficulties.  The media was there and now everyone will go out and buy his book when it is released simply because of the stunt he pulled yesterday.

That's great!  Now, all I need is to figure out how to do something like that without getting myself killed and everything will be hunky-dory, right?  Yeah, right!  As if!  I'm not about to be pushed out of a perfectly good airplane, not to mention being locked in a freakin' coffin!  Are you insane?  (Just kidding.)

But, what can a single mom who has less than no funding do to draw attention to what will turn out to be the most significant work of fiction of our time once it is published?  How can I get people to listen when I say that this series will change the lives of most of the world's population?  If Moses were alive and well in this century, would he have to become an internet expert in order to gain the world's attention?

I am not just saying that this book series is monumental, even though it truly is.  I am basically telling the world, "This is something you all need to read.  It will change your life - hopefully, for the better - all while providing you a very entertaining and engaging story."  Those who choose to ignore what I'm saying will be the ones to lose here.  Yes, the series is going to make many people angry.  Yes, there is information in the series that will cause serious controversies both domestically and abroad.  But, that's what makes this such a great story for any publisher out there.  Yes, whomever actually ends up representing and/or publishing the Seraphim Calls series WILL end up having to deal with said controversies.  However, attention is attention and sales are sales, right?

As for the rest of the public.  I do not know how to make you understand that this series is going to end up changing the way you think, the things you believe in, the very way you perceive both life and yourself, other than to say what I've just said again and again until SOMEONE finally decides to listen.  As I wrote before, I am a single mom who has less than no money and even less time, to boot!  But, this is like holding the winning lottery ticket to the largest jackpot in the world and having no way of getting to the lottery office to cash it in.  What do I do?

I'm not whining, here.  Actually, if anything, I'm asking for ideas from people on how to get the attention of anyone/everyone else out there.  I'm open to whatever wacky ideas people can think of, since that seems to be all that will catch the public's eye these days, as long as it doesn't involve me getting locked into a coffin and thrown from a plane a bajillion feet in the sky!!!

So, there's my plea.  If you have an idea as to how a lowly single mom who just happens to have the most life-changing story ever written can get the attention of those ever-elusive publishing companies and literary agents out there, please - drop me a line so I can see if it's do-able.  Believe me, I'm crazier than you think and am willing to do just about anything, at this point.!

My twitter account is @KTMorrisseyherself.  I'm also on facebook.  Or, you could simply shoot me an email at or leave a comment here on this blog page.

Please, please, please - anyone with an idea - please forward it to me!

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to any / all ideas submitted.


KT Morrissey

As I go along finishing up the writing of the whole series, I'm noticing how much this series has changed me.  I'm a lot calmer now than I used to be.  People make more sense to me now.  I seem to understand the motivations behind the things they do and can make sense of their actions, even when I don't agree with them.  This has led me to have a much less stressful lifestyle, which in turn has led my kid and me to an even better relationship, oddly enough.

The idea that reading a story can change your life is not new.  Anyone who grew up reading any religious text had it happen to them, supposedly.  I guess there are those out there who just didn't get it or just didn't care.  Now that I think about it, I've actually met a few folks like that.  I wonder if that's what caused those folks to be the way they were?

I know I would like to find a way to help others to reach this calmer state of mind that seems to have invaded my life like a ton of bricks.  It's not a bad thing, believe me.  I'm quite happy it's here.  I think it was here all the time; I've just always allowed other things to block it out or to get in the way of it.  What's changed?  I think believing in something far bigger than my tiny reality may be it.  Looking beyond my back door, beyond my little blog here, has led me to a broader, more interesting and enjoyable world, even though I'm still just sitting here in my living room.

I've discovered I want to explore the world more and to give a bit more back to the world.  I feel as if the world has given me a lot and, if I can give just a little back, I should.  I would like my kid to experience a bit of this, as well.  Hopefully, your life is not a nerve-wracking shambles.  Take it from me, the serenity of this view of life and the Universe obtained from just reading the Seraphim Calls series in its entirety is well worth a little bit of your time, even if you end up just being entertained.  You'll realize later the changes the story has brought about in your life.  Hopefully, it will come just when you need it to.

I'm glad I get to be the one who brings this to the world.  I don't know why whoever it was decided to bless me with this task, but I'm happy they did.  Through my own ignorance, my life has had several ups and downs since I started writing this series.  The story has always been there for me, though.  It has continued to take me along on this wonderful journey.

I know there are plenty of people out there who are suffering, just as I was all those years.  They can't find their place in the world.  They feel all alone.  They just want someone to show them something that makes sense, something they can believe in that doesn't leave them hanging on all the important parts while expecting them to just accept the parts where there are no answers given.

Seraphim Calls is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive and informative story ever to be released explaining life's most enduring questions.  Sure, it may be pure fiction.  But, then again, perhaps there's something more there than there appears and it just requires a little thought on the part of each individual?  Hmm.  What do you think?  I mean, I've had a lot of comments on the books and I have answered each and every question and comment in turn.  I love receiving and answering comments and questions from readers.  Many have even pointed out things about the series I hadn't noticed, myself.  This, in turn, has helped the story to change my life even more.

I'm truly enjoying this process and I wake each morning wondering what today will bring.  I can see the same hope and spirit in my kid's eyes, as well, and I'd like to believe it's because of both the effect of the story on me and because of the way my kid is coming to see the world and everything in it.  We're both enjoying life a lot more, lately.  Is that because we discovered something more simply by discussing the story?  Who knows?  I can tell you that's what my kid and I do, though, and we are both living much happier lives lately.

So, you be the judge.  Of course, you won't know what you're talking about until you actually read the whole series.  Then, perhaps you'll understand and can say, "Hey, that makes sense.  Maybe that is how it happened?"  Maybe then, your own life will be changed as ours have been?  I hope so.

I am writing as fast as I can to get the rest of the series out to you.  As I've said before, life does interfere and I do have other things that require me to be away from my notebook (yes, you've got it, I do write my books by hand first and then type them up).  This is why it's taking me so long to go from the already written outlines of the whole story to the actual story, itself.  I'll get there, though.  Don't worry.  As I said, the outlines of each scene of each of the remaining books are already written.  The rough draft of Book Four, The Prophet, is almost done and I'm raring to go on Book Five, Ascension.

And, now I must get back to those distractions so that I can spend this evening writing and, hopefully, finishing up Book Four.  I hope to hear from more of you regarding Books One and Two, which are already available online.  In the meantime, I'll be here, plugging away.

Have a great day!

KT Morrissey

You know, I watch all these shows about discoveries of ancient cities and artifacts and things we (science) cannot currently explain and I wonder why more and more people aren’t of the same opinion as many of the Ancient Aliens theorists.  I mean, yes, some of those guys are not what one would think of as normal-looking, and there are some theories they’ve thrown out there that are just plain wacky, even to the likes of me.  But, surely more and more people are coming to regard the idea that mankind is the only intelligent life in the Universe as ridiculous?

Well, in addition to explaining how there are actually Angels living on our planet to this day, the Seraphim Calls series explains how and why there are other intelligent beings thriving out there in our Universe.

Why am I going on about this?  Well, I was watching an older episode of Ancient Aliens the other night and it was about a place in South America called Puma Punku.  I’ve seen this episode before and I know there are other sites around the globe that offer puzzles that are just as intriguing, but I just wanted people to take an extra look at this particular site because the stories that have been passed down to the locals through the ages indicate that there was some type of gateway located there.  Also, there was the whole issue with the explosion or destruction of the complex by some means which cannot currently be explained by science.

People need to wake up.  Someone out there knows more than they’re letting on and I think we all know who it is… the self-same folks who are so busy with all the cover-ups going on all over the place today, eh?

She’s paranoid!  Well, not really.  I just think there’s a lot more to the story than we’re being told and people should keep an open mind about it.  I explain a lot of things in the book series and many of the mysteries we’re currently grappling with will make so much more sense after people read the entire Seraphim Calls series.  However, as we’re discovering that fewer and fewer people are reading these days, folks will understand things a lot more once they finish watching the movie series.  LOL!

You’ve gotta love it, huh?

I do believe, as do several others who know the whole series storyline, that should Mr. James Cameron read through the entire series, he would choose to have it as his next film series.  In fact, that’s the one thing everyone who has learned of the story have in common.  They all believe I should send the series to James Cameron the moment it is finished.

That’s all fine and wonderful and perhaps I shall do that when the time comes.  Until then, however, I need to get more people aware of the series.  To that end, I’ve devised a plan and will be coming out with it in just a short time.  I hope everyone will choose to pass it along once it’s out so that others will become aware of it as well.  As an unknown author, I need all the marketing assistance I can get.

So, if you have enjoyed the first two books, please be aware that book number three, The Assassin, is nearly ready for publication.  I’m still just waiting to make whatever re-writes my editor instructs need to be done and then I can get it out to the public.  Book four, The Prophet, is over half-way complete and I’ll have it out as soon as possible.  Book five, Ascension, already has its completed outline, scene-by-scene, and will be done as soon as I possibly can get to it.  Being a single mom and working and doing this and all manner of other things tends to put a damper on what little time I have for writing, but I’ll get to it.  Those of you out there who are already fans of the series, however, could help by telling others about it.  Believe me, I would greatly appreciate any help I could get!

Now, it’s time for me to get back to writing.  So, until next time…

KT Morrissey

The past few weeks have been filled with a few heartbreaks for many of us out here.  We’ve seen the Boston Bombings, shootings, stabbings, and all manner of other gruesome and terrifying occurrences.  In my own family, there has been at least one death, a family member struggling with recovery from a major surgery, another struggling with a sudden and inexplicable illness, and several other issues.

Throughout all this time, I’ve been slowly but steadily continuing to complete my Seraphim Calls book series and yesterday, it hit me.  I’m almost done with the series and a lot of people will be able to benefit from this once I am done with it.  People don’t yet realize just how incredible this series will become to the world.

I know, I know… every flippin’ author out there says the same thing about his or her books and it rarely, if ever, turns out to be true.  I’m telling you though, this book series is going to change people’s lives.  How will it do that?  Well, as I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of people out there right now who are struggling with their beliefs.  The traditional things we’ve become accustomed to learning just aren’t cutting it anymore.  They’ve failed to keep up with the changes in our society and have therefore atrophied to the point of extinction.  They are no longer applicable to our society and folks are looking for something that makes more sense.

Well, look no farther!

This book series is comprised of a story of six Seraphim Angels and the lessons they learn in the present time period.  It involves humans and aliens, as well, but the main storyline focuses on those six Seraphim Angels.  What really makes it important for today’s society is that it explains so many things we’ve never had explanations for from any of the traditional religious books that are out there.

Remember, though:  these books and the entire series are FICTION – science fiction/paranormal per the publishing industry.  The story is incredibly entertaining and you WILL be affected by it, if you read through the entire series.  If you start and then do not complete the series, you will never understand because books four and five are the most crucial of the entire series.  Books one through three, however, provide the background one needs in order to understand books four and five, so going out of order won’t help.

How do I know the answers to all these questions all of a sudden?  I mean, I’m nobody special.  I’m just a single mom who’s trying to make her way in the world, the same as many other women out there.  So what makes me so special?  Nothing.  Like the character in Kate and Leopold said, “I'm that dog who saw a rainbow, only none of the other dogs believed me.”  Dogs are colorblind, for those of you who didn’t see that movie.  All I’m doing is trying to explain what a rainbow looks like to a bunch of colorblind people, apparently.

Read the books and learn from them.  Your life will be changed forever more after you’ve finished the entire series, believe me.  Mine certainly was changed after I learned the story, and I never thought I would experience anything so life-changing again after the birth of my kid.  What a nimrod!  As long as I’m alive, I guess I should always be looking for those life-changing events, eh?

Well, gotta get back to the series.  I hope the next few weeks and months are much better for everyone than the past few have been.


KT Morrissey

P.S.  Still no word yet on the release date of the third book, The Assassin.  Hey, my editor has to have some semblance of a life, too!  Geez!!!  LOL!

It seems more and more people are experiencing difficulty accepting the explanations that have been offered for hundreds, if not thousands, of years regarding the Universe and everything in it.  Fewer and fewer individuals are seeking answers from traditional religious institutions, but are looking to outside, less conventional groups for explanations to their more spiritual questions.

Of course they are!  Who could honestly believe in mystical creatures creating worlds and creatures, demanding that those creatures then worship them?  This is the stuff of science fiction, right?  Well, the real answers are more like science fiction than most people realize.  More and more people are looking to things like science fiction films and novels for their answers.

If you are one of those people, or if you are merely interested in new ideas that are being introduced to the world, then the Seraphim Calls series is definitely for you!  This series offers new explanations, offering through an engaging and entertaining storyline answers to some of life’s toughest questions – questions that the most socially accepted religious and spiritual texts have never been able to satisfactorily answer.

Although the series is not recommended for those younger than 21 years of age due to the graphic nature of the storyline, the answers offered throughout the entire series are so simple and scientifically sound that even a child could understand and accept them.  Everything there is, in a word, perfect.  It all fits and is so simple and modern.

The first two books are in familiar paranormal formats, though they are quite graphic.  Book three forces the reader to deal with a problem we are all facing these days with the world’s societies becoming more global – racism.  The book will anger some, but honesty always paints the best picture.  These first three books are merely prepping the reader for the fourth book, which contains most of the explanations as to how the universe began, where mankind came from, how we got here, and what happens to us when we die.  Finally, book five answers the tough questions – why are we here and what’s in store for us.

Many of you out there are confident in your spiritual beliefs.  That’s great!  However, the five-book Seraphim Calls series would be an excellent read for you because then you would be able to keep informed as to what the younger set and those who are not so confident in their spiritual beliefs are suddenly becoming interested in believing.

For those of you out there who are not so confident in your current spiritual beliefs or who are currently seeking answers to those tough life questions, the five-book Seraphim Calls series will help you.  You may not agree with the information presented in the series, but it will help you in your search for spiritual enlightenment, I’ve no doubt.  My own child finds the spiritual information I’ve presented in the story much more acceptable than any of the traditional explanations currently accepted out there.  I know those of you out there who are searching will, as well, once you read through the entire series.

So, go on!  Get started on this journey with me.  What do you have to lose?  The first two books are currently available through and the third book is written and merely waiting to be edited.  As soon as the edits are complete, it will be made available.  Believe it or not, book four is over half-done.  It should be available sometime in May 2013.

I hope you take that leap of faith and join me on this journey, if for no other reason than to provide feedback (I love hearing from readers!).

Until next time, I wish you all a wonderful day!

KT Morrissey

Woo-hoo!  I've finally finished the initial draft of Book Three, The Assassin!

It turned out to be so much better than I could ever have even hoped.  I cannot wait for the edited draft to come back from the old editor.  After that, it should not take more than a few days before the book is complete and available to the public.  I will let everyone know the moment I am finished with the recommended re-writes and changes the editor gives me.  It should only be a few days after that when the book will be available.

Thank you so much to everyone for being so patient.  I do have to tell you to be on the lookout for something that I have planned for the coming month on YouTube.  I will put a link to it both here and out on several other websites.  It's kind of silly, but then again, I'm kind of silly.  Anyway, I think you will enjoy it - at least, I hope so.

Now, I need to get working on Book Four, The Prophet.  I feel as if there are not enough hours in the day.  Hopefully, this new thing I've got planned for YouTube will allow me to have a little more time in which to write.  We shall see.

Thank you again for being so patient and I hope you enjoy.


KT Morrissey

I am truly amazed sometimes by the way things work out.  Ever since I had the dream in which I was shown the entire Seraphim Calls series storyline, I've believed it to be a gift from someone to help my child and me toward a better life.

Mind you, we have been living the most meager of lifestyles and, if not for the assistance of others, we would be classified as part of America's most impoverished individuals.  However, in answer to my tear-clogged plea one day a couple of years ago, I was shown the story and, I believe, it became my responsibility to write it down the way it was shown to me so that others could benefit from it.

Now, it seems there was even more behind the gift I was given.

Several of you inquired about my family (thank you) and I'm here to tell you this story has become their saving grace, as well.  Because of this story, I have learned to be more available for my family when they need someone.  It just so happens that fate has recently created a great deal of need in my family and, because of the book series and the specific schedule I had arranged for myself to be able to work on and complete the series, I've been able to answer that need for them.  It makes me feel good to be able to repay at least the kindness they've shown me (well, some of it), if not the financial support.  I'm hoping the series will really pick up in sales once people become more and more aware of it so that I may even begin repaying my family for the financial assistance they've given my kid and me along the way.

I'm definitely looking forward to that day.  And, if I can accomplish that while still answering some of life's most pressing questions and providing great entertainment to anyone / everyone all at the same time, all the better!

I just want to get the story out to the world.  People can, and I'm assuming will, make what they will of the information presented within the series.  Mine is not to question that part of the equation.  My little role to play is simply to present the information to the world as it was presented to me - and that's what I'm doing.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


KT Morrissey

Going by all the things I’ve been seeing on the old tube lately, the world is going to be screwed once we get discovered by others.  My question is:  Who’s to say we haven’t been discovered previously?  Why would anyone assume we are the first group of intelligent life forms to inhabit/visit this planet?  I know this is a bit of the Ancient Aliens sounding, but one has to wonder about it, right, because of all the unexplained evidence we keep discovering?

Well, let’s see… there are all manner of buildings all over the world that pre-date the people we know of who lived there previously.  There are all manner of buildings and things that were crafted in all manner of ways which we, in our current state of technology, simply cannot figure out how to do.  What the heck are we supposed to think?  Explain the things people keep discovering!  Can’t?

Read the Seraphim Calls series and you’ll get your explanations.

Of course, this is just a fictional justification for all the things we have thus far been stymied by, but it’s a justification, never-the-less.  I have seen no better justifications offered by anyone else, but I’m not omnipresent, so if you’ve offered explanations and I’m trampling all over your vision, please excuse me for my unintentional faux pas.  I mean no disrespect.

I DO mean to draw people’s attention to the fact that the majority of us are choosing to ignore a matter that should be weighing heavily upon us all.  We’re so concerned with the petty little things going on in the world that we have forgotten this other stuff exists.  Whenever those who actually ARE concentrating on finding the answers to these issues, the majority of the populace is trending toward just blowing them off or making light of the ideas these folks are proposing.

Take heed, my fellow humans.  According to everything I’ve witnessed, we’re about to be in for a whole new ball of wax and, from the looks of things, not too many of us are going to be prepared for it.  My simple little story will help many of you gain at least a semblance of perspective on the subject, to get you thinking about some of the issues that are going to slap us all in the face a very short time from now.

I honestly believe, judging by the way the world’s up and coming generation is treating everything so nonchalantly, there’s going to be a reckoning of some type and it’s going to happen fairly soon.  Of course, I could be completely wrong.  I could just be getting old, having my mid-life crisis, grasping at straws, what-have-you.  Who cares, right?

Look at what is going on in the world right now.  The pope has resigned.  We’re still trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by preaching things that were written by a people that couldn’t conceive of what our current culture is like to kids who can’t even figure out how to read anymore.  Of course, I’m talking about the American public because I am an American and that’s the culture with which I am most familiar.  I don’t know if the rest of the world knows too much about our culture’s current issues, but the kids in our society have recently been suffering from a degraded educational system that seems to be falling apart at the seams.

They aren’t being taught the things they used to get taught because those in charge can’t seem to agree on what is important for them to learn anymore.  The kids are not learning how to read, how to write, nor even how to think and our society is beginning to see the damaging effects of this.  I’m not fear-mongering, I’m just sayin’.

Regardless, the Seraphim Calls series DOES answer a lot of questions people have been wondering about.  If you are wondering about anything that has to do with ANYTHING in our universe, or any other for that matter, then just take a short break and read through these fascinating books, for fascinating they are.  They also happen to be quite entertaining, to boot!

So, to sum up:  there are a lot of things that are about to happen to us poor humans and the people here aren’t really paying as much attention as they should be – all the while, we are all searching for the next big thing.  Well, here it is!  Seraphim Calls.  While it will not solve all of your problems, the series WILL answer a lot of questions you have AND you just might get something out of it other than entertainment.  Of course, the first book in the series, The Vision Blogger, should be being offered free for five days on everyone's Kindle or Android devices via the KDP Select program either at the end of March or the beginning of April, and the next two books will follow shortly thereafter.  I would greatly appreciate any / all reviews I could get from folks downloading and reading the books during that time.  Unfortunately, I'm not of this new techy-generation and so I do not understand all this internet stuff.

Call me old-fashioned, but there you go.  I merely hope those of you who are desperately searching for answers will at least give this a try.  You just might find that this is worth your time.  I know the rest of you will.

Enjoy and thank you to all of you who have already taken the plunge into this wonderfully exciting world.  I'm hoping to have The Assassin ready and available within a matter of weeks.


KT Morrissey